Dangerous Drone

This site seeks to inform the public of the dangers and abuses related to the use of drones, model aircraft and RPAS for recreation.  It contains research gathered from multiple sources and asks important questions as well as exploring possible solutions to a challenging public safety issue.


When someone living close to a RC flying club recognizes that his family’s safety is in danger and the laws fail to protect them, it is logical that the person document the activity taking place.  Quietly and unobtrusively taking pictures of the events taking place from the road or from one’s own property is a reasonable approach.  Certainly there is no expectation of privacy by individuals who engage in activity that is inherently loud, and clearly visible, in a public place, meters away from one’s personal residence.  However, when a person is outnumbered by an organized group of people; that group may feel empowered to intimidate, bully and take advantage of that neighboring resident.  This can result in confrontation with club members who want to fly their aircraft with no restrictions and may not want anyone to know about their behaviour.  When reviewing the following confrontations with a well known club member one morning, consider if it classifies as intimidation.

At around 10am in the morning, a resident who lives close to an RC flying club noticed what appeared to be dangerous or at least concerning activity from his house.  He went outside with a camera and quietly took pictures documenting this activity from the road opposite the RC flying club.  A club member who had previously spoken with the neighbor about noise and safety concerns yelled at the neighbor to “Go away.”  Apparently the club member did not realize the irony of that statement as he is known to live in another city 40 minutes away.  The neighbor continued to document but from different locations.

A few hours later, the neighbor was out on the opposite side of the road again quietly documenting dangerous activity when the member who yelled at him earlier left the club site and walked in the direction of the neighbors’ driveway appearing to be searching for someone.  When that member realized that the neighbor was behind him, he quickly changed direction and walked towards him.  Review the pictures and think about what intentions that club member had in approaching the neighbor.   The neighbor had concerns for his safety.  Would the reasonable person think it was just so that the member could take some pictures of the neighbor?  If the club member wanted pictures of the neighbor why leave the club site, the neighbor was visible on many occasions?