Dangerous Drone

This site seeks to inform the public of the dangers and abuses related to the use of drones, model aircraft and RPAS for recreation.  It contains research gathered from multiple sources and asks important questions as well as exploring possible solutions to a challenging public safety issue.

Questions & Answers

Q: As a citizen what can I do to help?

A:  Inform the Mayor, City Counselor, your local MP, your MPP and Minister of Transportation that the abuses that are happening are not acceptable.  Tell people about the drone problem and make them aware of the dangers.  Any contribution to providing support to our legal team is welcome.

Regarding the problems at the Phelan RC Flying Club the following people could make a difference:

Q: As a citizen who can I contact at MAAC to tell them that putting Canadian families in danger is wrong?

A: Contact the MAAC Board of Directors (https://www.maac.ca/en/board.php).  Note that the Phelan RC Flying Club is in Ottawa Valley (G) and Zone G Director is Mike Anderson.  Mike Anderson is also the president of the Phelan RC Flying Club.

Q: As a member of an RC flying club what can I do to help?

A: Do not fly at a club that you know hurts or endangers people and push MAAC to close clubs that are sanctioned too close to residents.  Enjoy the hobby at places that do not disturb the surrounding residents or put them in danger.  Do not fly aircraft at a club site that is too large to be operated safely within the flying zone.  Do not fly noisy aircraft.  Follow the rules.  Let the MAAC board of directors and the MAAC Zone G Director Mike Anderson know that the abuses by the Phelan RC Flying Club are wrong and that the club needs to close.

Q: Where can I find the form to report a drone incident to notify the authorities of someone who is operating a drone in a reckless manner?

A: The Transport Canada link to report a drone incident is https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/drone-safety/report-drone-incident

Q: Where can I report problems with an RC Flying Club?

A: When efforts trying to resolve problems with an RC Flying Club are not resolved, the most logical action is to report issues to Transport Canada.

Q: An RC Flying Club is ruining my family’s life what can I do?

A: You are not alone and it appears that understanding the problem is key; educate yourself, log dates and times of events, maintain a catalog of photographic and video evidence storing backups on cloud servers.  Inform authorities.  Get a lawyer.  Making your voice heard over the collective voice of the hobby is a challenge but logically health and safety should eventually trump recreation.  Remember that bullies win when victims remain silent so report dangerous activity.

Q: How much information is available on this subject?

A: Looking into the drone problem, one may find a ton of information available and much of it is very troubling.   As long as the Phelan RC Flying Club continues to operate it will not doubt continue to be a source of new material.

Q: There are so many RC Flying Clubs how do they get established?

A: It is surprisingly easy for these clubs to establish right now.  When looking at how clubs set up and prevail one can identify a strategy and patterns of behavior.  This subject will be explored in depth; stay tuned.